Because entries in this edition of Filmmaking Frenzy may play on Alamo Drafthouse screens across the country, content rules are stricter than in previous contests. Note that we reserve the right to decline (or include) any submission for any reason.

* Videos must be non-partisan. That means the PSA can not explicitly or implicitly endorse a candidate, political party, or cause. Remember, we reserve the right to decline to post any video for any reason.

* Your video must be 30 seconds or under, not including the short bumper at the end.

* Videos must be entirely original -- no edits or montages of existing films.

* Music and audio cues should be entirely original, without using copyrighted materials. Need some audio? A quick Google search of royalty free or public domain audio oughta do the trick.

* The video must end with some use of the word “vote” (or “voting”, etc) either in dialogue, narration or subtitles.

* The story’s up to you – you can adapt a scene or write an original. Videos must include a voting call-to-action. Be as weird as you want.

* The video should not name or depict any living politician or political figure, or name any political parties. However, you’ve got the entire history of pop culture to draw from. Have fun!

* The video can not feature or allude to any form of political violence or assassination, racial slurs, anti-LGBTQIA slurs, sexist language, or sexual violence.

* Videos can feature R-rated content (let’s avoid NC-17, please), but the more PG you make it, the more we can play it.

* Avoid reflecting specific dates or localities (this is so these videos can be used in the future).

* If entrants are under 18 years of age, parents or legal guardians must submit for them.


Remember, we want to run the winning PSA (and a selection of some of our favorites) on-screen in the lead-up to November, so please make sure that what you submit follows these very basic guidelines.

We’ll be somewhat flexible on these for the online contest, but not following these guidelines could mean that your entry ultimately can’t play on an Alamo Drafthouse screen.

* Minimum resolution of 1920x1080.

* Frame rate 23.976 or 24 fps.

* No vertical cell phone video.

* Your video should include the Filmmaking Frenzy for America video bumper which you can download here.

* For the contest we just need a link to your video on either YouTube or Vimeo (unlisted links are fine).